Teachers Training

Teachers of our school have participated in various training programmes organized under the auspicious of the Centre of Excellence, Thiruvananthapuram. Since Online teaching and learning are the new norms during the Covid-19 pandemic the situation, entire teachers of our school participated in various training programmes to familiarise with online tools such as Google Classroom, Google Meet and Zoom, OBS, YouTube, Google Forms, Padlet, word wall etc.

Teachers conducted virtual classes for all students and assessments were also conducted by using various digital tools. To acquaint themselves with various digital tools to be used for the next Academic Year teachers also participated in the Training organised by the CBSE in collaboration with Google for Education on series of Webinar on Technology for Blended Learning.

School organized training on Art Integrated Project and all teachers participated in the programme. Teachers implemented this project in all subjects in the most successful manner. Teachers are regularly enhancing their professional skills by participating in programmes on Experiential Learning and Competency-Based Learning on Diksha Portal suggested by the CBSE.

A few teachers have also participated in the course on 1. Value Education 2. Upholding integrity and Ethics 3. Inclusive strategies 4. Classroom Management 5. Drama as a pedagogy 6. Flipped Learning etc. 7. Storytelling as a Pedagogy and 8.NEP 2020.

The entire staff members participated in various seminars, webinars on New Educational Policy organised by various organizations such as NCERT OFFICIAL, Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI), Nationals Progressive Schools’ Conference (NPSC India), IPN Online, National Skill Network (NSN), University Grants Commission and various Publishers.

Overall teachers have improved their teaching by using various presentation software and improve their presentation skills in a grand way.